New Blog about the LCSD?

A comment on this post points me to this story in the Express, and in the comments section I find this link:

I find it appalling that there is even a single member on this board who would not only consider Mr. Martin’s behavior to be acceptable, but would actively encourage it. In order to ensure a functional society, we have a system of rules in place which are designed to encourage civil, polite discourse and to allow that every voice is heard. In my opinion, to see board members actively encourage members of the community to participate in bullying behavior and act outside of established school board procedures is an ethical violation of the highest order.

That’s regarding the Christmas program kerfluffle at Pioneer.  I’ve got to say that I think Tim’s got a point:  How the community handled it created a really unwelcome environment for non-Christian students and their families.  At the least, Martin, as a school board member, should know better than to condone that, at least in public.

Also, does this mean we have a new LCSD blogger in town?

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3 Comments on “New Blog about the LCSD?”

  1. It seems as though my photojournalism class has catapulted me into the blogosphere kicking and screaming, so I guess the short answer to your question (at least for the interim period) is yes.


  2. We should have coffee sometime, Dennis.

  3. Dennis Says:

    I agree. And next time, please call me out on the spelling mistakes, of which there were many in this post. Ugh.

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