What’s up with Sansom?

The Lebanon Express had a story recently on all the administrator changes going on in the LCSD (yes, I am still sort of following everything…..).  From the story:

Seven Oak Middle School principal Ed Sansom said he put in a request for transfer to the high school “some time ago.”

“We’ve done a pretty good job at Seven Oak,” Sansom said. “Having worked with Bo Yates, it will be a good transition to provide a quality curriculum.”

Sansom said he would try and help create a seamless transition from sixth through 12th grades.

Sansom has worked as principal of Seven Oak for seven years, the longest he’s stayed in one building for his entire career, he said.

I laughed a little when I heard this, because Yates used to work for Sansom and now the situation is reversed.  The transfer also raises the question of why the LCSD is keeping Sansom on at all, since from what I hear, he’s not fit the district very well.

When I read the story, I also looked up administrator licensure info for the people who are moving.  One thing, again about Sansom, caught my eye:  There is activity on his account pending March 15th, 2010.  That means he’s applying for a license…. or that someone has filed a complaint against him.  Given his recent past in the LCSD, I dug a tiny bit and found that yes, there are rumors that there’s a pending complaint against Sansom.

If this is true, then it raises a question of why he’s being transferred becomes even more interesting.  Paging the Lebanon Express.

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