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Lebanon City Council: Wwwhhhaaaaat?

February 11, 2010

Apparently the Lebanon City Council appointed someone to fill a vacancy with no discussion, no interviewing of the candidates, no nothing.  Just an immediate vote:

City councilors appointed Margaret Campbell to the vacant Ward II position after no discussion at the Feb. 10 meeting.

Councilor Tim Fox made the motion without hesitation when the item came up on the agenda.

Um, in general, it’s illegal for a City Council to do business in secret, and it’s hard to imagine how they would have all unanimously reached the same decision to appoint someone without any kind of process without talking to each other.  I assume the DH and LE are both digging into this one.

Either that or the person that left that position (to pursue an interesting project), Rebecca Grizzle, has some serious dirt on everyone else.  (That’s a joke, by the way; though given the last decade of Lebanon politics, I do feel compelled to make that clear.)