Somebody Buy Joe Lieberman a Puppy…. and then see what he does with it

From Nate Silver (I also stole the first half the title of the post from 538), a great post on the current state of health insurance reform in the Senate as it pertains to Joe Lieberman:

But while a Nelson or a Lincoln is liable to have a fairly rational set of concerns — basically, they want to ensure they get re-elected — it’s tough to bargain with people like Lieberman who are a little crazy. In certain ways, he resembles nothing so much as one of those rogue, third-bit Middle Eastern dictators that he’s so often carping about, capable of creating great anxiety with relatively little expenditure of resources, and taking equal pleasure in watching his friends and enemies sweat.

Pretty much.  It’s become clear to me that social class trumps party politics when it comes to Lieberman, who should have been excommunicated a long time ago.  Instead, it’s like watching a small child throw successive successful tantrums, except that people’s lives hang in the balance and fergawdsake Obama’s supposed to be more than an idiot.


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