Obama’s speech

The full text of it can be found here.

And shockingly, it’s pretty much vanilla.  The only things I noted were the use of examples – the names of the kids are not traditionally white names – and the emphasis on responsibility he places on the students.  But overall, as pretty much everyone knew it would be, it was not at all controversial.

Update, from a tweet from journalist Robert Niles: “Parents against Obama’s speech didn’t fear it would be bad. They feared it would be good – that their kids would like Obama.”

Pretty much.

Also, this.

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7 Comments on “Obama’s speech”

  1. IE Says:

    I am disgusted all students in Lebanon and elsewhere will not hear this speech live. What is wrong with us that we fear allowing our students to hear the president, an educated man of color who did not have a picture-perfect childhood, urge children to study hard and stay in school? I WILL be tuning in to watch the speech online with my 2nd grader tomorrow night, and hope other parents do the same. I really like Rob Hess, but I think he is wrong on this one…taped is not the same as “live,” and who knows how many teachers will decide to show it to their students. Good thing no one was afraid to show the moon landing, or the news right after Kennedy was shot. Some of us oldsters have vivid memories of seeing history in the making when it happened during school hours. Geez.

  2. Amy Says:

    It is not the speech that was objected to the most. It was the accompanying activities put out by the Department of Education for use after the speech that caused most of the uproar. The activities were slanted to supporting the President and his policies. Also, when George Bush the first went to talk to a class in the early 90s, the Democrats raised a fuss just like some Republicans are doing now. The difference in this case is that Mr. Bush did not have suggested activities for the students to do after his speech. I think the speech itself was fine. I agree that the activities were inappropriate. Let teachers do the leading of any discussion.

  3. Annaproudgradof1985 Says:

    I have to say, I have two students in the Lebanon School District and they DID see it live today. They also go to two different schools here. Just thought you would like to know this. Now for I, I will watch it later since I was too busy with my life to sit and watch it live.

  4. almost anonymous Says:

    What do you make of HH’s comments in tonight’s paper?

  5. Dennis Says:

    I didn’t read them =)

  6. IE Says:

    I can understand objective to followup activities, but those could be skipped. Glad some Lebanon schools did show the speech live.

  7. IE Says:

    That should read, “objecting.”

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