These days, a lot of the posts that come through my RSS reader have to do with health insurance reform.  More specifically, the politics of health insurance reform, and how it’s really, really not working out.  And I can’t say I disagree.  In a way, assiduously reading a series of political blogs who follow the minutiae of the debate has given me what feels like a front-row seat to the unfolding debate/debacle.

So what is it I think I’m seeing?  Well, others have a variety of answers to that question, but I think I’m seeing something entirely predictable:  Corporate dominance of the domestic political system.

And by corporate dominance I mean not only has the insurance industry simply bought off a tremendous number of congresscritters, but has managed to convince those same congresscritters of some clearly insane things (death panels, anyone?).  And don’t get me started on the whole town halls thing – I am trying keep what little faith in other people I have alive.

But none of this is really surprising, I guess.  It’s how the system has been working for decades, as far as I can tell.  Certainly it’s been this way my entire adult life.  That doesn’t mean I’m totally immune to the level of tragedy that unfolds daily with regard to people’s health; I do have to step back from it, or it’s overwhelming.  But it does mean that I know it’s necessary not to look only at individual but structural, systemic causes.  And enough to know that this point, made by Digby, is just about enough to blow my mind:

Citigroup’s guarantees are among $23.7 trillion of total potential government support stemming from programs set up since 2007 to ease the financial crisis, according to a report last month by Barofsky’s office.

23.7 trillion? And we are having a full-on political meltdown over one trillion to cover all Americans with comprehensive health care? Really?

Yes., we are.  And I’ll leave it up to the reader to realize how monstrously immoral that is.

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