Hess Meeting

As I mentioned earlier on this blog, I was one of the people who scheduled a meeting with the new Superintendent of the LCSD, Rob Hess.  That meeting happened earlier today – I was nearly, but not quite, the 100th person to meet with him.  Given that he’s been on the job for about 20 days, I’m impressed.

Our meeting touched on a lot of stuff, including the role of blogs in the recent history of the LCSD, but the main thing I wanted to note here is that while he didn’t dislike the idea of being interviewed – far from it, actually – we didn’t manage to completely work out the logistics.  I’ll be continuing to work on it, though – and if it happens, you can expect to see it after the school year starts.  I might come back to some of the other topics of our meeting if circumstances warrant.  In the meantime, I’d encourage everyone to keep coming up with questions.

One final note:  He’s more than willing to meet with more than 100 people.  If you have anything to say, or just want to talk to him, schedule a meeting.  The district’s phone number is 451-8511.

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One Comment on “Hess Meeting”

  1. Lebanon Mom Says:

    After meeting with Rob Hess last week, I am hopeful.

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