Link Dump

Why don’t I update this crappy blog, blah blah blah…. basically, it’s summer, and I’d rather be outside than spend any more time at a computer.  Strange, I know, but somehow true.  Anyway, below is a collection of links I always intended to post on within a day or two of finding them, but never did.  Thus the link dump.

Dean Dad analyzes the Ricci case quite well, and the Supreme Court comes out looking like a bunch of assholes.  Which seems fitting, since a good portion of them have shown themselves to be, well, a bunch of assholes.

It turns out there is something called the Corvallis Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, and that it does, well, metro planning for the Corvallis area.  And they have a website.

Some early polling on the 2010 Oregon Governor’s race.  Of note:  Gordon Smith manages to be the only person with higher negatives than positives.  However, he still smokes Steve Novick, which I suspect is partially due to Novick’s low name recognition.

From the NYT, some neat info about drinks ingredients.  I’m filing this one away for later use.  (As a side note, the thing about cane sugar would explain why the Cuba Libre I had in Germany in 2001 was by far the best one I’ve ever had.)

Republican Presidential candidates are not faring so well:

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal saw his stock drop after a disastrous television appearance; Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has been embroiled in feuds with her state legislators and with late-night talk-show host David Letterman [and has since resigned]; Nevada Sen. John Ensign admitted he had an extramarital affair with a former campaign staffer; former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was forced to back step after he used the word “racist” to describe Sonia Sotomayor, a nominee for the Supreme Court.

About the only reason the Republican Party is still #2 is that there is no #3.  In a true multiparty system, they’d be coming completely apart by now.

What does international relations theory say about parenting?

Dead Dad (again!) advocates that all employers in America, public and private, be forced to make their salary data publicly available.  As he notes, this will put a lie to the idea that he public sector is overpaid – or, more accurately, it will show just how little the public sector does pay.

A comprehensive Housing and Transportation Affordability Index.  Neat.

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