[LCSD] More Sansom

Word has it he’s not going to Lacomb, but staying put.  While Lacomb will be happy, with all the outstanding complaints against Sansom, I can’t imagine this is going to mean smooth sailing at Seven Oak.

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7 Comments on “[LCSD] More Sansom”

  1. anon Says:

    It may just mean that a middle school that size needs more administrative staff. It may be that Bo was the school’s savior, OR it may be that any middle school in today’s world needs two at the top! I would sure hate to be the only administrator in that school! Refusing to replace Bo there was a recipe for failure in my book.

  2. Dennis Says:

    anon – I can’t disagree with you about having a second admin, though I don’t know how that school stacks up against comparable schools in other districts, and I do know that cutting the second admin there was a way for Lanning to cut at the top, which there was a lot of demand for (and he had agreed to do).

    For better or worse….

  3. anon Says:

    Not trying to split hairs, but I am fairly positive, it was and still is more of a demand to cut at the district office level. The district has positions that are not essential and can be consolidated. A strong argument throughout this budget process is that more cuts fell upon those directly working with supporting and educating students. This argument is still very relevant. There is something to possibly be looked at regarding the Seven Oaks matter. Someone will/should correct me, but I am thinking they have about six hundred students and one administrator. LHS has about twelve hundred students with one principal and two other administrators. LHS also has staff hall monitors and an SRO on campus. I think the staffing at LHS is great and neccesary, but it certainly contrast with Seven Oaks.

  4. Dennis Says:

    I don’t think it’s splitting hairs, anon.

    And the point about admin/student ratios is a good one – though I would think the comparison would not be between Seven Oak and LHS here, because the populations are different, but between schools in other districts that are comparable to Seven Oak. What are their admin/student ratios?

  5. ? Says:

    Here is some information on some of the schools in the surrounding districts. This information is located on each of the school’s websites.

    Memorial Middle School in Albany has 2 admin, 650 students. Calapooia, has 700 students 2 admin, North Albany has 608 students 2 admin. all have an SRO available.

    Central Linn School District’s High School is located in the same building as the middle school, total students around 325, 1 Principal, with an assistant who is also the athletic director.

    Sweet Home middle school has 2 admin, 400 7th and 8th grade students.

  6. Roxy Says:

    Albany is also only going four days a week next year, right? It never seemed like going four a day in Lebanon was an option. Maybe that’s for the better. But Sweet Home having two and 400 students surprises me.

  7. Lebanon Mom Says:

    This is really disappointing news to me. I have a child at 7 Oak and really looked forward to a leadership/cultural change at the school. I am pretty darned frustrated with myself for not making a formal complaint the couple of times I knew I should have.

    Also, it’s hard to know if two administrators are needed at the school until you have someone extremely effective in the head principal position.

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