[LCSD] Sansom

As it turns out, I can help LT out – click here [UPDATE 7/21/09:  Document removed at the request of the LCSD Superintendent until further notice] to get a copy of the letter Tre’ Kennedy sent to Superintendent Lanning regarding the complaint.

The story on the Lebanon Express site from last week garnered close to 70 comments, and having read the letter, some of those comments are factually incorrect.  I’m posting the letter as a way to set the record a bit straighter.

Assuming what is in the letter is true – and since Kennedy is effectively putting his name on the line by claiming it is, I think that’s a relatively safe assumption – Sansom might have made an error or two in how he handled things.

Finally, I’ve heard there are something like six or eight sets of parents who are looking at retaining an attorney, or have done so already, over the way Sansom has disciplined students.  LT’s right – the incoming Superintendent has something waiting for him.

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2 Comments on “[LCSD] Sansom”

  1. LT Says:

    Actually, the number of comments is now 75,

  2. Susan Says:

    I love facts instead of rumors.

    Thank you Tre Kennedy and Dennis.

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