Parking and OSU

So, OSU is planning to create some new parking spaces. Problem is, some of the land in question has been parking in the past – free parking, even, I think.  So this isn’t the creation of new parking spaces per se, but the movement of parking spaces from free, open spots to permitted, closed spots.

OSU also did this with Reser Stadium several years ago – when I started at OSU, the lots were gravel and the spots were free.  One summer, the university decided to pave the spots, mark them off, put up “student or visitor permits required”…. and declared the creation of hundreds of “new” parking spots.  Given the requirements of formal parking lots in terms of trees and the like (requirements which I agree with, by the way), I suspect there were actually less spots after the work than before.

Parking Services might be misunderstood, but they don’t do themselves any favors with this kind of transparent misleading of the public.  Lots of people aren’t buying.

UPDATE:  As commenter Larob notes, parking prices are also going up.  You can find out more here.  I have to say, though, that this I understand more – Parking Services does broadcast, to an extent, the reasoning behind the increases (they are a self-funded unit).  And OSU is one of or the cheapest Pac-10 schools at which to park.  None of that, though, means that it’s not, in the end, insult to injury.

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3 Comments on “Parking and OSU”

  1. Larob Says:

    Dennis – did you forget how much the fees are going up beginning this fall, adding insult to injury.

  2. Commuter Says:

    I commute to OSU every day. I hate paying for parking, but it does come out of our payroll checks pre-tax, which helps a little. I am fortunate to have ample parking near my building. Those who are on the west side of campus, near the new Linus Pauling Institute structure, will no longer have the option of parking near their buildings. They have recommended they park near the coliseum.

  3. Dennis Says:

    Commuter – one of the things I’ve never understood is why OSU doesn’t have more parking on the west side of campus, where they have the most space. I can see them putting in more parking across 30th, or even 35th, in the not-too-distant future.

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