[LCSD] Sansompalooza

Two things.  First, the story in the LE this week about the suspension of two students at Seven Oak and the fact that the parents have filed complaints and retained an attorney.

Rumor has it that there are three additional complaints that have been filed against Sansom that have yet to be resolved.  Sounds like things aren’t running as smoothly at Seven Oak without Yates around (and in some ways, that’s understandable, since he wasn’t replaced).  But I don’t actually know that much about the complaint stuff.  Presumably it’ll be covered in the newspapers.

The second thing is the rumor that’s been floating around since shortly after Lanning announced his administrative re-shuffling:  That while Lanning announced that Sansom would be going to Lacomb, Sansom is fighting the transfer, and even that incoming Superintendent Rob Hess might be reconsidering the move.  One rumor I heard included the possibility of Sansom threatening a lawsuit, but I have no idea how true that is.  Another included the possibility that Sansom has filed a complaint against Lanning for his latest review…. not really sure about that either.

I’m also told that Lacomb parents – some of them, at least – want nothing to do with the guy.  And don’t get me wrong; I’ve never met him, and I’ve seen very little concrete evidence one way or the other regarding his skills as an administrator, so at this point I’m just passing on what I have been told (which, to be fair, is about all I ever do).  But I also know that I keep being told that Yates was a far more effective administrator, to the point that it was predictable that when Yates left things would start falling apart.

Assuming that the LCSD administration does not think Sansom is doing a very good job – and I definitely don’t know that to be true – then you can look at this in a couple of different ways.  First, that Sansom is being shunted to Lacomb because it’s the smallest school in the district, and thus the place he can do the least damage.  Were I Sansom, that would have crossed my mind pretty quickly, and certainly provides some measure of motivation to fight it (though the drive might provide another, natch).  However, from the admin’s perspective, if the goal is to get him out of the district using the proper channels (plan of assistance, review, non-renewal), then you almost have a perverse incentive to leave him at Seven Oak until things get bad enough you have cause to let him go.  Neither option looks pleasant, especially for the students involved (paging Mark Finch’s job!).  But this is pretty hypothetical on my part.

Whaddaya got, commentariat?

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