Health Care

Given that there appears to be some form of health care reform on the horizon, there’s been a tremendous amount of media coverage, both old and new, of health insurance and the health care system in general.  I’ve followed some of the ins and outs, especially as they pertain to a public plan and the politics of it all, and I have one question for the people involved (especially the naysayers):

Why should a person’s health be a for-profit enterprise at all?  How in the world is that moral?

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One Comment on “Health Care”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I have asked this question of various friends and acquaintances. One answer I’ve heard is that its a matter of pragmatism, that ideally healthcare would be not for profit, but the system is so entrenched it is totally impractical to change to a not for profit system.
    I do not agree, I think despite the seemingly overwhelming power of the current system a transformation to not for profit healthcare could work… if we really wanted it.

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