[LCSD] Post-Election

A few things:

1.  The three people I had hoped would win, won.  I can’t say that’s happened too often in the LCSD in the last few years.  I’m still not sure exactly what caused it.  And no, I don’t feel overjoyed or like rubbing it in.

2.  Alperin’s win is, in my mind, almost certainly due to the presence of Jane Ruck.  She was Nader to Alexander’s Gore.  Agree/Disagree?  (This point is not original to me, though I’d thought about the spoiler effect when the candidates first announced.  Also, the idea that Alexander = Gore cracks me up.)

3.  If Alexander fades out of the public eye – which I really encourage him to do – then the last person I see in the LCSD who doesn’t appear to be intent on playing well with others is Kim Fandiño.  I wonder how well that will go over without strong board allies and in the presence of what appears to be a strong voter preference towards comity and collaboration?

Don’t get me wrong:  The LEA is entering negotiations, and I’m a pretty pro-union person.  I also understand that when the economic picture isn’t rosy, labor-management negotiations are even more important.  But none of that is an argument in favor of how Fandiño conducts herself at board meetings.  In fact, I think there is a good chance her behavior makes it worse.

4.  It’s true that one of the major reasons I started blogging about the LCSD school board and district is that I thought it was a train wreck of both process and outcome.  Much has changed since then.  I suspect I’ll be blogging quite a bit less about the LCSD as long as the processes used by the participants are decent.

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2 Comments on “[LCSD] Post-Election”

  1. Regarding point 2, Ruck being Nader to Alexander’s Gore- I respectfully disagree and think you have this backwards. Alperin and Ruck are too similar; both women, educated in education, and involved in community work. Alexander resembles Ruck only in their shared propensity towards combat. If anyone was Gore it was Alperin, in this case the election went to her, but it was in spite of Ruck playing the spoiler, not because. The Alexander people tend to see everything as us-or-them, and would NOT consider Ruck to be one of them.

  2. Dennis Says:

    Voice, I think the similarities between Ruck and Alperin are superficial – they said VERY different things during the campaign, and I think that means they would appeal to different groups of people. I take Ruck’s support of vocational education to be far more similar to Alexander, who also has supported vocational eduction, than Alperin’s talk of college.

    I agree that Alexander’s core supporters might see things as us-or-them, but that only supports my point: That the swing voters in this election were the undecided folks who ended up voting for Ruck. The platforms of Alperin and Ruck were just too different, plus it is possible that some voters want a propensity towards combat, but for whatever reason, did not want Alexander.

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