Way past the point of good-faith trust

I am amused that this GT editorial is so evenhanded.  It’s almost cute:

When the session began, the Democrats in power said they’d work hard to accommodate the views of the minority Republicans. Taking another look at the Republican proposal — and asking thoughtful, if pointed, questions about it — would be a good way to prove the sincerity of that promise. It might also help to illuminate another path out of the state’s budget morass — or, at least, a stronger case to take to voters.

Here is the problem:  In recent history, at both the state and national level, Republican budgets have been a joke, more ideological statements than budget proposals.  For me, there is no reason for the Dems (or the GT) to take this one seriously unless specific evidence to the contrary is provided.  And given the amount of “no new taxes at any cost” rhetoric that is coming from the Oregon Republican Party, consider me skeptical that their budget is realistic.

It’s nice of the GT to be so balanced.  But sometimes that balance is at odds with the reality of the situation.

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