Sorry, Steve

Steve Duin of the Oregonian:

But when Kroger is ready to deal with the transparency of Oregon’s public records later this summer, I do know whose lead he should follow: Mark McCambridge, the vice president for finance and administration at Oregon State University.

McCambridge has instituted a system at OSU that is the perfect antidote to the bizarre, paranoid and problematic culture of secrecy at the University of Oregon. He summed up his approach to public records in a recent interview with the Web site Inside Higher Ed:

“It’s pretty basic, but it is very transparent,” McCambridge said. “Everybody in the institution can see everything that goes on everywhere.”

McCambridge told me Monday that sums up both his personal philosophy and the institutional philosophy at OSU: “We want everyone to see what’s going on. Five or six years ago we put everything on the Web. When you operate a complex little city like a research institution, the more you have out there the better.”

This is, of course, paired with keeping the rest of the university in the dark about the university’s future planned expenditures.  I wouldn’t say McCambridge’s actions represent a desire for “everyone to see what’s going on.”

Don’t get me wrong – the fact that OSU is posting expenditures as they happen online is great, and how it should be.  But I think Duin got a bit carried away with his praise, especially in light of the university administration’s reluctance to even seek meaningful stakeholders when creating their next biennium’s budget.

OSU seems to get a lot of undeservedly good PR.

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2 Comments on “Sorry, Steve”

  1. anonymous Says:

    The Chairman of this Board is so proud of getting out of the meetings before eleven pm, that he mentions it at almost every meeting as he dismisses everyone.
    What he doesn’t mention is why they “need” to have two, three, or four meetings a month instead of one–even if it’s a long one.
    I personally think they are hoping to wear the public out and sneak by business by having so many meetings.
    Having any but the regular monthly meeting except for emergencies is incompetence.
    Why does the public (and all the Board Members) tolerate this behavior?
    This right here is a good reason not to vote back in the same Board at the election.

  2. Dennis Says:

    Anon – I think you left this comment on the wrong post. This post is about OSU, not the LCSD….

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