Mary Bowman bows out

I got a nice email from Mary Bowman, who asked me to let people know she’s withdrawing a bit from the public discussion over the LCSD:

I came into this with the intentions as a mother who was fed up with the things that were happening to my daughter in school and were being repeatedly ignored.  I got caught up in a lot of the other issues and lost site of what my goal was and that was to protect my kids.  Unfortunately, it has cost me a great deal.  I know my emotions ran amok many times and I do regret that, however my intentions were always good.

My kids are now doing excellent in school and that was my goal so I feel I’ve succeded in that aspect, however I have paid a high price for that.  I hope that the election shows everyone what the community wants and once it’s over with this community can finally began to heal.  So, on that note.  I guess I’m throwing in the towel and moving on with trying to piece back the fragments of my life that are left after this insane battle.

Thank you,

Mary Bowman

Similar rules to Chris apply – play nice, people.

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7 Comments on “Mary Bowman bows out”

  1. Annaproudgradof1985 Says:

    I am sorry but, I really do not know who she is expect for the incident that happened at the board meeting months ago.
    Was she the parent that brought attention to the math problems??? If so, she did a great job!

  2. Dennis Says:

    Anna, there is quite a bit more to her than that.

  3. Annaproudgradof1985 Says:

    Ok. like I said, that is all I know about her. But, thank you for answering me.

  4. Amy Says:

    Mary did not bring the math issue to the board. The issue of math is much larger than the high school. Students across the district are not prepared properly to do high school math. Regardless of the scores on state tests, they do not have the prerequisite skills. The state tests do not measure this in the least. And the jump in passing scores between 8th and 10th grades is statistically huge. I know the district has been trying to revamp the math curriculum across the district prior to the complaints but under the new management of the district I do not know if the effort will continue. Several district math committee members have commented that they have not been able to meet due to lack of funds for substitutes. I do not see this changing in the current climate.

  5. Annaproudgradof1985 Says:

    Ok, thanks again. I truly do not know anything about this lady. But I will add, I hope Lebanon district gets back to the math level they did back years ago. They were top of a lot of things and with lack of team work it has sadly dropped majorly.

  6. anonymous Says:

    Out of Mary Bowman’s own mouth…”I know my emotions ran amok many times and I do regret that, however my intentions were always good.

    Just because you mean well doesn’t mean you are right.
    Just because you are passionate about something doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want to express that passion without harming others (or yourself).
    Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

    How many people get hit broadside by emotionally led “good intentions” in this District?
    Way way too many.

  7. Dennis Says:

    Hey now – play nice, yeah?

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