[LCSD] Chris Fisher

Chris Fisher left this comment on another post, but I think it deserves a post of its own:

First I want to thank the community for the support in the last 4 years. I am proud of my voting record and I stand by my votes. Every vote I casted as a board member was done for what was best for the district as a whole and the students in mind. I voted according to school board policies and what is best financially for our schools.

So I could have sat there last night and ask for everyones vote or list my qualifications and why I should be re-elected. I could also have said everything people would like to hear but it is not my character. I speaks from the heart as a father who wants the best for every child. I have no ego or will speak of no evil because in the end the election is not about me. It is about our children.

I used the metaphor of me and my daughters replacing the tank everytime one of their fish dies because they said that was the problem. The tank was small, the fish did not have all the fancy decorations in the tank to enjoy so I kept on buying the biggest tank and the best looking decorations for the fish but they still die. In the end I found out my daughters were not feeding the fish.

It reminds me of what goes on here. The community pays too much attention to the board, superintendent and all the other distractions but they forget to feed the children with what they need to grow and succeed. We as a community can spend millions, change the school board, school systems or teachers but if we as parents do not spend time to promote, encourage and involve in shaping our childrens’ moral values, work ethics and characters, including helping them with their school work, the problem will continue to exist and the cycle will continue.

Also I felt like I have failed as a board member to stop the wasteful spending in legal fees and other expenses created by this current board.

With that being said, my daughters told me I do not have to be on the board for them to be smart or be educated, all they need is me to help them with their homework.

Thanks, Chris.  It was always clear to me that you were doing the best you could, which is all anyone can really ask.

*Any nasty comments regarding Chris Fisher aren’t going to see the light of day, so don’t even bother.  This is a time for a bit of grace.
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7 Comments on “[LCSD] Chris Fisher”

  1. Tre' Kennedy Says:

    Well said Chris, and Thanks for your service to the community.

  2. Annaproudgradof1985 Says:

    I was truly disappoint he dropped out. The board meetings I did go to he came off as a very compassionate man. He put his whole heart into doing what was right for the kids of the district!!!

  3. Amy Says:

    Thank you Chris for your diligence and efforts. You spoke very well about the problems and I wish you had made that speech at the last forum so more people could hear what a good board member should be concerned about.
    I agree we would be much better off if we looked at what is best for children and not our own agendas.

  4. Eric deBear Says:

    Does Mr. Fisher want Martin or Wineteer to represent his zone?

    Will a vote for Chris Fisher mean less votes for whomever Mr. Fisher supports?
    Chris Fisher’s name is still on the ballot.

    Should parent Mr. Fisher make a strong, concentrated effort to ensure votes are not wasted on him?

    As a soon to be ex-board member, should Mr. Fisher not use his position, board experience, and knowledge to help ensure “… the problem will [not] continue to exist and the cycle will [not] continue… “?

  5. Tre' Kennedy Says:

    Chris Fisher has told me that he respects both Josh and Mike Martin. However, he also told me that in an interview with the Lebanon Express, he said that he believes new board members will help the District move forward. Maybe he will respond directly but that is my understanding.

  6. anonymous Says:

    I too was saddened to hear of Mr. Fisher’s dropping out of the race.
    His desire to serve the kids inside the parameters of the policies and laws, in an often uphill battle, has been commendable.
    However, it can make way for the turn over that has long been proposed as necessary to the District’s long-term health.
    Some on the current Board have said that having people who are familiar with everything that has gone on will help to bring stability to the new leaders.
    We will already have that with R. McUne who is running unopposed and D. Shimmin whose term is still running.
    I suggest that if we vote in other people who have NOT been on the Board it will begin that long awaited fresh start.
    We have a new Superintendent.
    It makes sense to give him a NEW Board to work with and let the past be the past.

    That to me would be the best reason for Fisher to endorse Martin and not Wineteer.
    He doesn’t need to say things that everyone who has been paying attention already knows.
    He needn’t focus on past behaviors–he can focus on future endeavors.
    He can let it be known that he is stepping aside in hopes of getting new blood flowing in the veins of the District.
    So for his zone he recommends Mr. Martin to the voter.

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