[LCSD] In Brief

I am really busy this week, and thus do not have time to comment on the live coverage of the forums or all the candidate coverage.  All I have to say is that you should read the paper.

Oh, and ask why neither Wineteer nor Alexander decided to go to the second forum.  I would like to know, at least.  My opinion is that yes, to a certain extent they simply didn’t want to face any questions about their past behavior – but more than that, they feel like they simply don’t have to show up to win their respective elections.  And you know what?  I think they are probably right.

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12 Comments on “[LCSD] In Brief”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I have no idea, but more than one person said they were appalled at Winteer’s behavior at the first one.

  2. Annaproudgradof1985 Says:

    They proved to me how much the want to be on the board again. Responsible adults follow through no matter what. I was just really surprised about Chris Fisher! But I will add, this last forum really helped me decide who I am voting for!!

  3. LT Says:

    more than one person said they were appalled at Winteer’s behavior at the first one.

    Could you explain what was appalling?

  4. Tre' Kennedy Says:

    What I heard people comment on after the first debate was just how condescending Wineteer was. It was like every answer was “let me help you understand what the board does”. I guess I’m kind of used to it because I didn’t notice it that much, but that’s the comment I heard from two people that attended.

  5. Amy Says:

    Tonight Chris Fisher dropped out of the race. I wonder why and what effect that will have on Rick’s chances of continuing on the board.

  6. Lebanon Mom Says:

    Well, maybe all 10 of the people who showed up to the first one will have seen their rude behavior. My fear is the election will be driven by name recognition and that those marking on their ballots names they recognize will not recall why they’ve heard them before. I am really afraid that most people won’t do their homework.

  7. Chris Fisher Says:

    First I want to thank the community for the support in the last 4 years. I am proud of my voting record and I stand by my votes. Every vote I casted as a board member was done for what was best for the district as a whole and the students in mind. I voted according to school board policies and what is best financially for our schools.

    So I could have sat there last night and ask for everyones vote or list my qualifications and why I should be re-elected. I could also have said everything people would like to hear but it is not my character. I speaks from the heart as a father who wants the best for every child. I have no ego or will speak of no evil because in the end the election is not about me. It is about our children.

    I used the metaphor of me and my daughters replacing the tank everytime one of their fish dies because they said that was the problem. The tank was small, the fish did not have all the fancy decorations in the tank to enjoy so I kept on buying the biggest tank and the best looking decorations for the fishes but they still die. In the end I found out my daughters were not feeding the fish.

    It reminds me of what goes on here. The community pays too much attention to the board, superintendent and all the other distractions but they forget to feed the children with what they need to grow and succeed. We as a community can spend millions, change the school board, school systems or teachers but if we as parents do not spend time to promote, encourage and involve in shaping our childrens moral values, work ethics and characters, including helping them with their school work, the problem will continue to exist and the cycle will continue.
    Also I felt like I have failed as a board member to stop the wasteful spending in legal fees and other expenses created by this current board.
    With that being said, my daughters told me I do not have to be on the board for them to be smart or be educated, all they need is me to help them with their homework.

  8. Dennis Says:

    The Lebanon Express liveblog said there were 30-40 people at the first forum, I think.

  9. Annaproudgradof1985 Says:

    You are right Dennis.

  10. Lebanon Mom Says:

    I heard there were only about 10 plus all the league of women voters, candidates, etc. If there were more, that makes me happy.

    Well said, Chris. Thank you for your service to our community. You’ve done your part.

  11. Dennis Says:

    Lebanon Mom – it could be the case that only 10 people aside from League folks showed, but they still count; they are voters, after all, and interested ones at that.

  12. LCSDparent Says:

    I sincerely hope that the citizens of Lebanon will step up and vote in the School Board elections. It is important to have all citizens participate. This community of children is too precious for us adults to not take part in this important vote.

    I do have one comment regarding things that have been said towards Tre Kennedy. I do not know him, and I have no direct affiliation (nor much direct knowledge of credentials) with him or any of the candidates, but it seems that people are assuming at least some of these challengers to the various board seats are all part of some “Tre’ club”. These candidates seem to be intelligent people who have minds of their own, and have the ability to come to their own conclusions and decisions. I think it is unfair to these candidates, who are passionate about the future of our children, and God bless ’em, are even willing to be on the Board. Let’s all do our own homework to make sure we are dealing with facts, not heresay or information obtained after playing “telephone”, before making decisions in your votes.


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