[LCSD] Gutters

From RLT:

The only reason I allowed this to be posted was because of Tom McHills close ties with Jennifer. Like I said anyone close to Jennifer is fair game as well as their children. Sorry thats what its like down here in the gutter with the rats.
Once again I learned so many things on Jennifer, Tre’ and Dennis’ blogs about freedom of speach, so thats the way it goes. If any kids who have parents close to Jennifer were at the party their names would be on here as well.

1) Clearly spelling and grammar aren’t priorities in the gutter.  How hard is it to use spell-check?  We ask it of high school students – so what’s wrong with expecting it of adults?  And again, it’s modeling – if we are going to claim it’s important for adults to use proper spelling and grammar, but students see adults doing the opposite, then why should students feel like teachers are telling the truth?

2) I don’t think reiterating the claim that the children of anyone who has any tie to Jennifer Walter is fair game is going to help RLT’s case.  In fact, I would think it would have the opposite effect – again, going after unrelated kids doesn’t seem like either a good idea on the merits (especially in the context of a school district), nor does it seem like it would be especially popular with, oh, parents.

3) Again, what RLT is doing is (probably, though IANAL) legal, but it’s very, very unethical.  It’s that pesky can vs. should distinction again.

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11 Comments on “[LCSD] Gutters”

  1. Lebanon Mom Says:

    I just hope that RLT is not an educator. That would be terribly sad.

  2. Dennis Says:

    It had never occurred to me that RLT might be an educator. I assume they are not, but…. wow. Good point.

  3. Annaproudgradof1985 Says:

    I was thinking it was a student because of some of the times they post. Like during lunch. But now I am thinking they are more then one person. When I talk about their blog I refer to it as “the gutter blog”. When I say that ones that I have shared it with knows exactly which one I am talking about!
    Dennis, did you see tonights paper where Rick Alexander mentioned about blogs. If not you should check it out.

  4. Dennis Says:

    I heard Alexander is tired of anonymous sniping on the blogs; is that what you’re referring to?

  5. Annaproudgradof1985 Says:


  6. Dennis Says:

    Hm. Interesting. Thanks.

  7. Jesus Christ! I can’t believe the ethics (or lack of ethics) of some people.

  8. Dennis Says:

    Michael: You should go read their whole blog. It’ll take ten minutes.

    And it’s far worse than the norm in Lebanon, at least.

  9. Annaproudgradof1985 Says:

    What I have been wondering is, how is this person going to be able to show their face in town when people find out who they are??? They are trying to destroy peoples lives. When you point out what will probably happen to them they think you are threatening them.

  10. Dennis Says:

    Anna – a) they may not be found out, and b) there is a segment of the population, though I have no idea how big, that sees and will see what they are doing as justified, and therefore will not shun them. Personally, I hope that segment is small, but it does and will exist.

  11. Annaproudgradof1985 Says:

    Lets hope the ones with values out weigh the ones that don’t. Values that I grew up with here in Lebanon!!

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