[LCSD] Book Deals!

OK, so I almost can’t believe I did this, but given the asinine comments that were made about the book co-authored by Hess and Robinson, I felt a little compelled to figure it out.

So I called one of the parties and asked (I am working on contacting the other party).  Here is what I was told:

1.  Both authors signed separate deals with the publisher; as a result, royalties were sent to each author separately.

2.  The two authors had agreed beforehand that Hess would be the senior author.

3.  Senior authors traditionally get a bit more in royalties.

From this, I can conclude that it is likely that Hess got a bit more in royalties than Robinson, but not much more.  This generally tracks with LT’s comment (claiming that Hess got 5% more, a reasonable estimate under the circumstances) but NOT with the comment made by Anon @ 6:59 that claims that Hess got nothing.  That particular comment is just flat-out wrong.

We’re done with this topic, right?

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5 Comments on “[LCSD] Book Deals!”

  1. ? Says:

    I am not sure if anyone else has a concern over the fact we have hired a person who co-authored (and is the senior author) of a book written with the superintendent we just terminated, Jim Robinson. To be fair I do not have enough knowledge to judge Hess’ abilities, it just seems a little odd.

  2. Annaproudgradof1985 Says:

    I feel very positive towards Mr. Hess. I dealt with him when he was a principle at Pioneer School before he left for Springfield. I will tell you this, he will be a hands on person. He was always out and about when he was at Pioneer. Easy to get a hold of when you had a problem. He is his own person with his own ideas! I am sure he is not a follower or a puppet!!!

  3. anonymous Says:

    I can’t really believe it!
    He hasn’t even started and some people are looking for flaws.
    Come on. Judge a person by their actions and go from there.
    And for goodness sake give him at least a honeymoon period of six months to a year to get rolling before you start thinking of reasons to get rid of him.
    Are we NEVER going to be satisfied???

  4. Lebanon Mom Says:

    I’d suggest you read the book. If you see problems with his philosophies in the text, then maybe you will have a problem with him. If not, who cares who he collaborates with to write a book? Jim Robinson obviously had some ideas that appealed to Lebanon at some point in time. Happy thoughts, people, happy thoughts.

  5. Dennis Says:

    ? – This question came up earlier, before Hess was hired, and I’m sure most of the Hiring Committee knows about the book. If there are major concerns, no one has voiced them.

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