[LCSD] Kindness

From the “real” LT:

Wow, someone is living in Oz. This is Lebanon, for ten years there has been no kindness and there never will be.

I would humbly suggest that this is really pretty telling, especially when contrasted with the story told at tonight’s board meeting by the LB&GC award winner.  Or the LHS students who came and spoke about their senior project collecting clothes for people who need them at the last board meeting.  Both stories are replete with kindness.  To suggest otherwise – well, even I believe there is kindness in Lebanon, and in spades.  Let’s assume that contra the actual words, this is hyperbole.

It really could explain a lot, though.

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15 Comments on “[LCSD] Kindness”

  1. Annaproudgradof1985 Says:

    I was not going to post on that person’s site but they are talking down on Lebanon as a whole. Plus, the times that they post makes me think they are a parent or maby they just do not have anything else better to do at work or school.

  2. LCSDparent Says:

    Let me add a few more acts of kindness to your list, Dennis: Make a Difference Day; Day of Caring; teddy bear drive by a 7 Oak student, bears were donated to TIP (Trauma Intervention Program); school volunteers; SMART – Start Making a Reader Today; 7 Oak’s SOUL CLub – collected used sports equipment for underpriviliged kids… I hope others will add to this list. There is a LOT of great stuff going on in the schools of Lebanon! Let’s keep looking for and praising them!

  3. Roxy Says:

    Outside of the schools: Community pride day; Build Lebanon Trails; the free helmets SLCH gives out every year at the free concerts in the park; Relay for Life; the free blankets Crystal Atteberry is knitting and donating to premies; Habitat for Humanity, which donates refurbished houses to Lebanon families every year; the free indoor gym for kids at the Nazerene Church; the AARP Lebanon volunteers who helped people do their taxes for free; all who have donated to help P.A.C. rebuild; LFCAIRS; ELCA auction, which raised the second-highest amount ever this year; the Teddy Bear Car show; the annual holiday celebration in Ralston Park; Rollin’ Oldies car show in September, which uses the show to fund a scholarship; LBGC auction, which no one can ever get into because tickets are always sold out.

    … Yeah, this community doesn’t care about each other at all. *scoffs* City that Friendliness built…

  4. anonymous Says:

    What does this mean,…from the “real” LT?
    Where did that comment come from (link, or?)

  5. Dennis Says:

    Anon @ 12:55 –

    There is a link in the post. The background is that someone calling themselves “The Real LT” has started an anonymous blog. This is a different person, I assume, than the long-running LT.

    Click the link and then read all of their posts. It’s, um, interesting.

  6. Amy Says:

    I have posted several rebuttals to the new blogger’s site but they refuse to publish them. I guess their censorship is a way to prevent real truth from the people who read that blog. It is a shame the discussion has come to this.

  7. Susan Says:

    Amy – I posted a Mahatma Gandhi qoute. It didn’t get in as well.

    On a more positive note, If this person refused to post Gandhi, and they refused to post you, then you are at least in excellent company.

  8. anon Says:

    Amy — Hummm. I have posted several mixed/critial comments over there and each one has been posted. I am wondering if he/she is being threatened or something…hope not. They sure have printed some critical comments. Was this just recently, as it seem nothing new has been added to that site in a bit….hope it’s not censorship.

  9. LHS staffer Says:

    Unfortunately I am having the same experience as Amy. I shared first had information-not rumors-and my posting were not published. I was speaking from first hand experience regarding Mr. Olson and Mr. Finch. They are both in favor of all of the great programs for Lebanon kids and were not drinking during their lunch in a local restaurant. I also shared that Ms. Walter lives in Salem and Ms. Nadig lives in Lebanon in her own place. Come on, stop the false rumors and hear the real truth.

  10. Jennifer Walter Says:


    I would appreciate the following response to false allegations raised on another blog:

    I believe that it is important to correct false statements, even ones that appear absurd on their face.

    1. I have never submitted any comments to Lebanon For Real Truth.

    2. I am not a homosexual nor to my knowledge is Jan Nadig. I have known her for more than 35 years and think that I would know if she was a lesbian. We do not live together and never have.

    3. While I have no interest in that type of a relationship with another woman, I am aware that there have been and continue to be district employees who are homosexual. I respect the rights of such employees to have a private life just as I respect the right of heterosexual employees to have a private life.

    4. I respect the right of homosexuals or relatives of homosexuals to a free public education without harrassment or discrimination. This is a legal requirement, but I see it as a moral one as well.

    5. Individuals who view homosexual activities as morally wrong have a right to their opinions. However, there is a certain level of respect to which all human beings are entitled.

    I do not intent to respond further to these allegations. For that reason, I request that you not publish comments on the topic.

    Thanks for allowing me to publish a response.

  11. LCSDparent Says:

    Let’s get back to the positives, and not give that other blog this sort of attention and energy.

  12. Amy Says:

    I also posted about Ms. Walter’s use of the N-word in the context of discussing literature, Huckleberry Finn. Also the discussion of how that word is viewed as hostile and inappropriate in today’s culture. I also defended her in response to the innuendo as to her sexual orientation although I see she has defended herself here. My comment was in relation to her response to students who use the word gay as a divisive comment and how she always demands an apology from the user. I think “real truth” is not interested in anything that might detract from their goal of vindictive anger. They really need medical help to find a better outlet for this anger.

  13. Ben Says:

    I too have tried posting twice on “Real LT’s” site. One was in direct defense of Ms. Walter’s teaching style and right to a personal life/not being subject to ridiculous rumors, and the other was just a general comment questioning their intentions to be the “real” truth when they wouldn’t even hear comments from any side but their own. Neither were posted, as expected. What can you do, I suppose. And they plead to LT to “get help”…. How ironic.

  14. Annaproudgradof1985 Says:

    Yeah, they are only posting what they want out and not all the information that is out there. I don’t know why but I have a feeling that it is a student. I think it is because of how it is presented.
    I just love their last post. Who gives a rats rear if the kids parent is a lawyer.lol

  15. Dennis Says:

    Sorry about taking so long to approve those last two comments. I thought I had, but apparently not.

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