[LCSD] Update on the lowered credit requirements

From Russ McUne, who was kind enough to email me an explanation:

It turns out the board DID approve a requirement change for graduation at the high school (policy IKF). I read the agenda and thought it was just a first read, so figured we could approve it as a first read and have more discussion later.  It turns out it was a first read and adoption, so it happened with no discussion.  I am guessing the entire board missed that.  That will be re-done on Monday night.  We should have discussion on a topic like that.  However, the reason for the change is the drop in available credits when we go from a five class – trimester program to a seven period – semester program.  It is still 1 credit more than state requirements for the upcoming graduation classes.

It has to do with state requirements and seat time with the schedule for the credits.  Mr. Finch explained it a bit at the math meeting in February.  Five period – trimester gives 2.5 credits per trimester or 7.5 credits per year.  The seven period or the six period semester gives only seven or six credits per year.  So we are going from a max credits of 30 in 4 years to a max of 28 credits with the schedule change.

Monday’s agenda is here.

(As a side note, look at Enclosures E-2 and M-3, the reorganization and org chart stuff.  That will be an interesting discussion.)

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