[LCSD] New Superintendent Announced

According to this commenter, the new LCSD Superintendent is Rob Hess.   The Lebanon Express confirms it.   UPDATE: The LCSD website announcement is on their front page – and it’s worth noting that the LE beat them to it =)

My immediate reactions:

On the one hand, I have to wonder what the conversation was like about hiring someone who was so closely involved with Robinson.  I mean, Hess co-wrote a book with Robinson, yes?  One can’t get much closer than that, professionally speaking.  And given the amount of “anything affiliated with Robinson must go!” rhetoric (and actions – see Alexander’s failed proposal to arbitrarily non-renew all admin contracts, admins that were mostly hired by Robinson), I would normally have guessed that Alexander would be throwing a fit about Hess…. except that I’ve been told (not sure if this is true) that Alexander is very pro-Hess.  The commenter seems to think so.

I just don’t get Alexander sometimes.

On the other hand:  Is it possible that the Hess-Robinson connection/comparison was never brought up?  I can’t believe that.

On the third hand:  Bo Yates.  In other words, I don’t want to discount the possibility that this works.  Certainly the selection committee had some good (and some not) decision-makers on it, and if the hiring practices of the last several months are any indication, the hires that have been made post-Finch-as-LHS-Principal all look great so far.

The timing of this is kind of funny – normally it takes longer to decide and reach an agreement with a potential Super, though having seen Alexander in action, I can only assume he pulled his usual stunt of declining to deliberate and pushing for a decision almost immediately.  Also, I wonder how long the contract is?

What do you all think?

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2 Comments on “[LCSD] New Superintendent Announced”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hess accepted the position and signed a contract. It is pending board approval on April 20th.
    I’m sure they will approve it, but it is pending.

  2. Dennis Says:

    Oh, if they announced it, he’s signed a contract and they intend to approve it with no fuss. However, I wonder about the length and nature of the contract, that’s all, given the Alexander-caused furor over the totally standard rolling three-year contracts everyone else gets. There must not have been much negotiating is what I’m getting at.

    Anyone want to forward me a copy of the contract? Will the LCSD make it available online when it is approved by the board?

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