[LCSD] Board Meeting Follow-up, Special KF Edition

There is really only one thing I wanted to follow up on:  After the meeting, I had a short conversation with Kim Fandino.  She gave me a copy of her comments to the board, which I will retype tomorrow (or scan in OCR mode, if I can figure out the settings and have the time).  And, when I asked about why she was running for the LEA Presidency, she explained that a) KF has nothing but the utmost respect for Sabrina Wood, but b) KF thinks she – KF  – is the best person to be heading the LEA as they go into tough negotiations with the district, on the grounds that KF has the necessary experience.  There was a lot of other language, but that is what I took the main point to be.  It was, KF made clear, not a strike against Sabrina Wood in any way except that KF felt she’d make a better LEA President under the circumstances.

This does not change my mind about KF’s running.  A decision made for well-intentioned reasons can still be a less-than-good decision.  There’s some other thinking that goes into this, but that stays off the blog for now.  Email me if you want to know.

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4 Comments on “[LCSD] Board Meeting Follow-up, Special KF Edition”

  1. Amy Says:

    It sounds to me that KF is full of herself. She seems to think that without her the union would fall apart and the teachers would end up in the gutter. It is amazingly arrogant of her. There are people who have had experience and bargaining that are equally qualified and I am sure that If Ms. Wood wanted advice from anyone she has a large group from which to draw. This response by KF is another reason not to vote for her and I would encourage the teachers to vote for Ms. Wood and not KF. Maybe then KF would get the hint that she is not the center of the universe.

  2. Dennis Says:

    I am going to bite my tongue at this point…. mostly. I will say that I think KF genuinely believes she is running as a public service to the teachers in the LCSD.

  3. anonymous Says:

    Lots of people throughout history have genuinely believed they were the best–or doing the best for others–and were dead wrong.
    Kim Fandino may have the best of intentions and she may be completely convinced that only she can take the District where it needs to go, (in her opinion), and be just as wrong.
    She has had her time as a leader.
    It is now time for her to be part of a team and be as supportive of those in leadership as she expected others to be of her when she was.

  4. LT Says:


    We’ve heard that Kim’s apology was more justification than humbleness. According to the reports we received, she explained that it was a mistake, claiming that lots of people use out of date letterhead. However, Kim typed in LEA President; it wasn’t using letterhead or a template. It reflects an attitude on her part, that she is entitled to lead the union whether she actually holds a position or not.

    Could you provide some clarification, Dennis?

    We don’t really like the way that the teachers union goes about electing leaders — there was no solicitation of the general membership for suggestions of leaders. We don’t think that any information is being provided to the membership to choose — no statements from the candidates.

    It’s clear that the people who want KF to move out of leadership include more that LT — Dennis has provided some good reasons. Plus there are at least two people from the high school who are willing to speak out against her moving back into a leadership position. People were furious about the master schedule move; they were tired of hearing Kim harp about freshman core at staff meetings; and people now are complaining about her acting like an assistant principal at Bo Yates’ staff meetings.

    To the extent that teachers think Fandino’s connections will assist in greasing the skids, last night’s meeting is just another indication that her influence with the board is rapidly dminishing. She didn’t get anything accomplished.

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