[LCSD] Finalists

From the Lebanon Express:

The school board has announced two finalists for the new superintendent: Rob Hess and George Woodruff.

Hess is coming from the assistant superintendent position in Springfield School District.

Woodruff is from the South Coast Educational Service District in Coos Bay, where he is superintendent.

I don’t know anything about Woodruff.  However, I know Rob Hess – he was a Vice Principal when I was a student at LHS.  He was not very well-liked by quite a chunk of the students I knew.   And he’s got previous experience in the district, which I think could be more of  a negative than positive at this point, especially since he worked with Robinson.

Heck, he not only worked with Robinson, they coauthored a book.  Hess also wrote another book.  As it turns out, I have read both, and found both books to be pretty sharp, even when I disagreed with them.

So while my experience with Hess as a student was bad, from my current perspective – with the exception of his previous experience in the LCSD – he seems pretty good.  This is not to say that I don’t think he should be hired, either; this is just to explain what I know about him.

Woodruff I know nothing about.  But I like his background – he has experience in counseling, he’s been to Harvard, and he’s got a degree in Philosophy.  And he’s held adjunct and GTA positions, which means (I hope) that he understands what it means to be on the bottom run of the employment ladder (LACE negotiations, anyone?).

So that’s my two cents.  Anyone else want to weigh in?

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2 Comments on “[LCSD] Finalists”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    When Mr. Hess was the principal at Lebanon Middle School, he worked really hard to get the community involved with the schools. He was the originator of Day of Caring that is still done by Pioneer.
    Getting the community involved with schools in a positive manner would be very helpful (and different)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    My experience with Mr. Hess while he was at LMS was that he NEVER once returned a call from me or followed up with me on anything. I would often see him face to face and EVERY time the reason was that his Blackberry (might have been something by a different name- but similar) was not working right so he lost the notes he put into it the previous time he spoke to me….

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