[LCSD] The Superintendent Search

I don’t actually have much to say about this, since most of the process is confidential.  However, I do want to add that I think it’s a sketchy idea at best to hire anyone who has worked in the district before.  Better fresh faces who are not connected to any of the past history.

Oh, and I can say that I think Alexander’s idea about not renewing admin contracts on the pretense that a new Superintendent should somehow automatically start with a whole new team is just laughable. (Can Alexander please reconcile his stated desire to see the district improve with the consequences of a district-wide leadership team with no experience?  No?  OK then.)  School districts simply do not work like that, and either Alexander is completely ignorant of that fact or he was using it as a convenient excuse for a bizarre and really, really bad idea.  It’s further proof that he isn’t a very good board member.

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3 Comments on “[LCSD] The Superintendent Search”

  1. Anon Says:

    Actually…all fresh administrators in the DO might bring a wave of new ideas and possibilities. These folks would certainly bring a wealth of experience about what worked/didn’t work in districts they have worked with before. Might be that the best way to get this district out of the mud is to only have people onboard who are pulling vs. having some who may be invested in the district staying stuck. If you keep classified staff who know the nuts and bolts of operations, they will have enough knowledge to keep the district functioning even if all administrators are new.

    Your argument is much like those you disagree with who argue that we need a local new superintendent because they need to understand the dysfunctional history here.

  2. Dennis Says:

    Anon, that’s almost a fair point. But I would balance it with the fact that a whole new group of leadership will cause the district’s performance to suffer. This isn’t a claim that anyone current or future isn’t or won’t be good, but there is a learning curve that no amount of classified staff experience can overcome. Full stop. “Keep the district functioning” is also a pretty low bar given the fact that there is zero assurance that such a plan would work. As well, what’s the magic difference between bringing in some new administrators and bringing in all new administrators? There isn’t one – a whole new team does not automatically have better ideas; that’s just silly. Plus, there are some good, innovative administrators here already – Ryan Noss is a great example. Would you dump him just because he has been in the district for a few years?

    I tend to think most blanket claims are sketchy. Certainly in this case it would seem to make more sense to review the admins on a case-by-case basis using a set of public and defensible criteria and determine their future that way. But noooo – Alexander has to go and insult every administrator in the district because – because what? Because they have been here a few years? Because Robinson hired them? All he had to do was run the plan by Lanning and/or Dakopolos and get some concrete feedback. Then, if he still wanted to propose it, he could either work to get others on board or modify the proposal in response to the feedback he got, or both. But he didn’t – and that’s another piece of evidence he is not a good school board member. He simply doesn’t know how to productively or professionally interact with anyone he disagrees with.

    If I were an admin in the district and getting good reviews all around, I now still have cause to fear for my job anyway, because one school board member proposed I lose my job for a completely nonsensical reason. Think about what that does for the morale of the administrators for a second.

  3. Nobody special Says:

    Anon March 27th @ 12:16 p.m.

    It is very easy for one to say that brining in new blood would solve all the problems in the district. It is also very easy for one to say how easy it is to run a school without knowing all that there are to operate a very complicated organization regulated by both the State and Federal Government. It is more complex to run a district this big than the people in this community might think.

    Anytime you hire new administrations even though they might be only compensated for an X amount of dollar, the true cost is more than X amount of dollar. There are many cost factors that people do not look at beside monetary cost. The cost to train the new administrators to bring them up to speed with the district, the cost to have other people perform their jobs while they are in training including the cost of their training.
    At the same time it is always a risk not knowing if they will perform up to the expectation. And if they do not then the process starts all over again.

    Then there is an arguement about having too many administrators and not enough teachers. The argument goes that the teachers can perform the administration’s jobs so while not have teachers do both teaching and the administration jobs. So the questions that comes to mind, if the teachers can perform both jobs why then are some complaining of not having enough time to prepare for classes and why aren’t all the students graduating?

    I just hope the children in this community will grow up and be more educated than their parents and grandparents to understand the complexity of today’s society than the one they grew up in. Maybe then there will be less blaming games and pointing fingers.

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