[LCSD] The Election

I don’t have as much free time as I used to (how did that happen, by the way?), and I’ve been out of town for work recently, so updates on the LCSD have been few and far between, and for that, I apologize.  In this post I want to address the election.

The Lebanon Express has covered the candidates, as has Lebanon Truth.  I can’t say I have a whole lot to add, but I do have a few things.  Let’s start with the most obvious:

I think it’s time for Rick Alexander to leave the Lebanon Community School District Board of Directors.

Alexander, Jane Ruck and Elisabeth Alperin are all running in Zone 2.  The coverage of both Ruck and Alperin has been good so far, and I agree that their resumes are good.  In fact, both seem far more qualified than Alexander, and it should be obvious that  not only do I think Alexander is unqualified but I think he’s not very good at being a Director. As well, if your logic has always been of the “it’s time to clean house” variety, then this is the last logical step:  The Super is changing, the Asst. Super is moving on, Sprenger is gone, the LHS staff has turned over twice, the LEA President has changed – Alexander and Wineteer are the only people left from more than a few years ago.  Setting Wineteer aside for the moment, if Alexander loses in the election, then we’re looking at a whole new crew.

Interestingly, I am not actually convinced Alexander stands a reasonable chance of losing the election.  I think he’s still got a lot of support.

The other thing I worry about is that the fact that there are two other candidates will result in the anti-Alexander vote being split.  But the bottom line is that I think the Board will function better, and thus the LCSD do better, without Rick Alexander on the school board. As for who replaces him, I don’t have a preference, at this point.

I also want to suggest that I think the best way to win an election against Alexander is to distance one’s self from CARES, Robinson, etc. and hammer home one’s professionalism and new blood in relation to Alexander.  I suspect Alexander will try to paint his opponents as being from the faction that he’s always opposed regardless of their actual affiliations.

As for the other positions, I think McUne is generally fine, and since Shimmin is not up for reelection, there’s not much to say there.  I am not at all impressed by Ralph Gaston, so I have to see I would rather Todd Gestrin win.  Gaston just doesn’t seem that qualified.

The other really interesting race is going to be between Fisher and Wineteer and Michael Martin.  I’m not going to pull punches: Wineteer has really stepped up in the last several months, and Fisher seems to have been really burnt out and not as mentally present as he used to be.  I think the combination of those two things plus Wineteer’s historical support means that Wineteer is the clear favorite this time around.  On the other hand, Fisher is running the same Zone, and it’s Wineteer who has moved.  However, I think Fisher is – by far – a better board member due to the simple fact that he is a responsible steward of the district’s finances and responsibilities and Wineteer is not.  Having a Board Director who has advocated for Sand Ridge more than the district and voted for over $400,000 in settlements is just not a good idea.  As for Martin, I know nothing about him.  So my nod at this point – for the tiny, tiny amount that it’s worth – is for Fisher.

My bottom line:

  1. Zone 1: McUne
  2. Zone 2: Anyone but Alexander (so far)
  3. Zone 3: Fisher
  4. Zone 4: No election
  5. Zone 5: Gestrin

Regardless of the specifics, I think the time between now and the election is going to be interesting.

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2 Comments on “[LCSD] The Election”

  1. LT Says:

    “Fisher is running the same Zone

    Remember the oddity of the district. While there are zones for purposes of getting ont he ballot, all positions are at-large. All of the district elects all of the board.

  2. Dennis Says:

    Good point. I forgot about this.

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