The Daily Emerald editorial staff strikes over potential loss of control

The original announcement of the strike is here.  It’s over – they reached an agreement with the board of directors to go back to work next Monday.

There’s been a lot going on with this in the last few days, so this is really a zillion years old in Internet Time, though I’ve not been able to blog it so you get stuck with it now.  But I just read this – click the link and check out all the papers who support the Em in this.  It is incredible.

Also, I fully supported the strike.  I think the Em staff did it for the right reasons, even if they did leave their own ad staff in the dark.

Anyone else want to weigh in?

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2 Comments on “The Daily Emerald editorial staff strikes over potential loss of control”

  1. Travis Says:

    I’ve got a good deal of experience in all this jazz since I was EIC of the student newspaper at Northern Michigan, and I certainly know how these types of situations come about, where a board of directors makes a decision that affects operations of the paper without respecting the editorial staff’s opinion on the matter (via the EIC). Student newspapers are by nature at risk of losing independence (if they even have it) because they represent the university they’re associated with, of course, and the board of directors is often made up of people in student affairs, the journalism department, student government, and the community. Problems arise when people sitting in those positions have no experience in or knowledge of newspapers, ethics, conflicts of interest, etc. At NMU, the student government often appointed people to sit on our board of directors who were mostly incompetent and disinterested (not always). If that happens, the director of student affairs is a power-hungry hawk, the community rep. is a Republican or inactive with the board, etc., situations like this arise. Kudos to the staff for striking. It’s amazing that a journalism school like U of O would even find itself in this position. It makes me wonder what the hell really goes on in Eugene. Nice to see the (expected, necessary) support from other student newspapers.

  2. Dennis Says:

    In this case, I have trouble believing the Em’s oversight board was/is filled with incompetent people. My best guess is that there was one colossal communications breakdown somewhere along the line, at least partially due to the stress resulting from the economic situation.

    It also looks like the board and the editorial staff are committed to talking their way through this, which is a good sign.

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