[LCSD] Big News! Good News? No. But Big News.

A messenger pigeon just dropped off a note* that claimed that LHS Principal Mark Finch has been pulled from his job and will be reassigned, with a new Principal to start tomorrow.  A completely unconfirmed rumor is that the new Principal will be… Bo Yates!  (In all fairness, rumors regarding Yates haven’t panned out in the past, so I am somewhat skeptical – but with this board, it’s possible.)

Uh, what?  Really?  I’ve been critical of Finch’s public presentation – pretty darn critical, actually – but I think that, barring some major event that I am unaware of, this is a rather dramatic move.  After all, Finch has been in the position for less than year, has two new admins under him, and is facing not only a budget crisis but a volatile political environment at both the building and community levels.   Anyone in that position should be given at least a year if not two.

This makes me think something specific happened to cause Finch to be yanked; if so, I wonder what is is/was and if it’ll get covered in the local papers.  The change does raise a few questions for me, though:

1.  Does Finch’s reassignment have anything to do with the complaints that the Board has been dealing with in Executive Session (and supposedly upheld)?

2.  How much of this decision was made by Lanning and how much by the Board?  For me – and, I suspect, not a few others – if it turns out that Lanning is the person who installs Yates (assuming that happens), he’s going to take a huge credibility hit with part of the community, and see his credibility boosted in the eyes of another part.  Heck, even if it comes out that Lanning had a role in pulling Finch, it just looks like a reactionary move, and seems out of character for the so-far steady Lanning.

2a.  Contra what I said above, is this move the outcome of the board wanting to fire Finch and being told they could not without cause?  It would explain the reassignment…. and it lends credence to the idea that the real goal is to get Yates in at LHS, an idea I had sort of hoped had died.  The board’s agenda  tonight mentions under Executive Session that both consideration of dismissal/discipline and consulting with legal counsel regarding litigation are possibly topics.  They could be related to other things, but this could be evidence for this possibility.

3.  What is Finch going to do?  Rumor has it that there’s an Alternative School in the works for students in danger of failing, and that Finch will be placed in charge of that.  I suppose he could trade places with Yates, of course.

On the other hand, if Yates is not moved to LHS, then I wonder who the Principal will be.  A transfer from within the district, or a new hire from outside?  Volz or Masog, perhaps?

4.  What will the reaction be from those who were opposed to Finch?  From those who supported him?  This raises lots of questions.

Overall, though, uh, wow.  This is certainly a big chunk of news.  Barring a deathbed level of illness, I’ll be at the board meeting and liveblogging.  I can’t imagine this won’t come up.

And if anyone else has any background they can drop, there’s always the comments and my email address up there on the right.

*This is a lie.  It was a messenger hawk.  Very 21st-century.
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2 Comments on “[LCSD] Big News! Good News? No. But Big News.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t know but there was some, “hush, hush–something big happening at the board meeting” talk going around today.

  2. Amy Says:

    My spouse says it is true. Mr. Finch has been reassigned the task of developing the Alternative School(Something Mr. Finch has opposed for years) and Mr. Yates is the new head Principal starting tomorrow. Apparently Mr. Lanning claimed ti was his idea and he took full responsibility for the choice. He also said that Mr. Yates’ old position was on the chopping block. Mr. Lanning also lambasted the staff for their lack of professionalism and infighting. Interesting to say the least.

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