I’m done with the DH

This post is about the Democrat-Herald’s decision to print the letter from Shannon Duffy that I posted on a few days ago.  I’ve been thinking about that letter and the comments it inspired on the DH website, and I’ve decided not only to stop posting about the DH and Hering, but to stop reading the paper altogether.

This is not as ‘so what?’ as it sounds, at least not for me – I love journalism, and I value the DH’s news coverage, or at least some of it.  But I think they’ve really crossed a line with this one, and I unless I see a dramatic change in their editorial staff and decisionmaking processes, and they are public about those decisions, I’m just not going to support or pay any attention to that paper anymore.  An apology isn’t going to cut it (not that I think they’re even going to do that).

… and yes, this means I don’t have to read Hering’s excruciatingly bad editorials anymore.  I am somewhat relieved about that.  It also means I’ll miss out on Jennifer Moody’s coverage of the LCSD, which is – by far – the thing about their news coverage I’ll miss the most.  However, I just don’t have the mental energy to pay attention to a paper that prints hate speech – and then lets the commenters make it far, far worse.

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8 Comments on “I’m done with the DH”

  1. but… but… but what will you post about now?

    there will be more quietude in the blogosphere…

  2. Dennis Says:


  3. Eric Stoller Says:

    I’m looking forward to reading a Rhetorical Wasteland that hasn’t been ingesting a crappy diet of DH stories 🙂

  4. Dennis Says:

    Me too, but it might take some time. Hering was an easy topic to post about, and like yourself, I haven’t had the energy to put together good material in some time.

  5. Eric Stoller Says:

    I’ve been putting together all sorts of good material….it just hasn’t been on my blog 😦 😛

  6. Bernstein Says:

    Jennifer Moody is the only writer worth reading at the DH. It’s a shame her immense talent is wasted at such a crappy paper, which will remain crappy until the old dinosaur retires and they get rid of his little clones.

    The GT has much better local coverage. Of course they don’t do a lot of Linn County stuff. Can anyone remember the DH doing any sort of investigative reporting like Bennett Hall and the Red Door Empire, or the cop with the phony DUI tickets in the past 30 years?

  7. Roxy Says:

    😦 But the DH is such an easy target… And a fun one.

  8. Dennis Says:

    Easy, yes. Fun? Sometimes…. but newspapers shouldn’t be easy targets. They have plenty of other problems at the moment =)

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