Twistyfaster on the repeal of the global gag rule

As usual, Twisty doesn’t give an inch:

I’m as pleased as six pigs that Barack has Obamanated the international gag rule that prevented federal dough from being doled out to overseas abortion providers. It’s high time that white American godbag dudes got their bible-stained paws off of global uteruses.

But Barack Obama is not the Feminist Messiah, he’s the president of the United States, which, I don’t care how gloppy and weeping-tears-of-joy you are over his election, pretty much makes him the King of World Patriarchy. By which I mean, however benevolent a dictator he is — and I’m not saying he is benevolent — he’s still a dude in charge of a dudely culture of dudely domination. So, until his administration eliminates oppression, he’s totally on the hook for blame.

Just read the whole thing.

Oh, and for the record, I agree with Twisty, even though I acknowledge the material changes that this change will bring.

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2 Comments on “Twistyfaster on the repeal of the global gag rule”

  1. Jen Says:

    I KNEW you’d have something to say about her post as I was reading it. Though I understand where she’s coming from, the whole thing kind of pissed me off. I just don’t think that it’s the powers-that-be’s job or responsibility to eliminate oppression – that’s the job of the people, collectively. One person, no matter how powerful can’t make the changes required for such an undertaking. Obama did what he could from his little world of politics, so I will go “yea, good job, that helps” and be happy to be one step further. It doesn’t make sense to me to put the blame on one person that couldn’t solve the problem even if they tried – that just seems stupid and pointless, especially when you don’t have any ideas about what SHOULD be done.

    I keep reading the last paragraph in an attempt to agree with it – but I don’t. Abortion is a failing of the entire health and education system. Birth control methods weren’t being used/failed, back-up birth control methods weren’t employed, and someone that didn’t want to be pregnant now is. So they have to pay money to have a surgical procedure that will likely have a negative effect on their mental health and possibly on their reproductive health. Yeah, not so good. That’s not to say that abortion is bad, but saying that it’s equal to pregnancy prevention is insane. Accidental pregnancy happens, and abortion is an option, but I don’t have a problem labeling it as the least attractive option when putting it up against all the various methods of prevention.

  2. Dennis Says:

    Jen, even if your first point about the power of the Presidency is true, I would argue that the President can do even more than what Obama has done (or, frankly, is likely to do).

    That is somewhat different than what Twisty says, yes, but I take the larger point to be similar: Make the bar higher. Push Obama farther, and don’t ignore the other ways in which Obama’s policies undermine things like the repeal of the Global Gag Rule.

    Thanks for commenting.

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