‘My Dinners with Dubya’

Holy crap.  Just read it.

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5 Comments on “‘My Dinners with Dubya’”

  1. Thanks, Dennis. That was one of the best things I’ve read in a while.

  2. Dennis Says:

    Michael, can you define ‘best’ as it applies here? Because I’m thinking it could also mean “well-written,” “terrifying,” and “hilarious,” among other things.

  3. Dennis, for once can’t I be vague and not have to define my terms. 🙂 By “best” here I think I meant all three of those things. Perhaps not “most hilarious,” but a great combination of well-written (which is perhaps almost as vague as “best”), terrifying (or perhaps scary) and funny. It was also moving toward the end.

  4. Dennis Says:

    I know, I know – but I wanted to see what you’d say. Perhaps I should have said “can you explain further?”

    In any case, it was surprisingly moving. The identity of the author is very understated, and all the more powerful for that, I think.

  5. Roxy Says:

    Great read.

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