[Hering] Taken Apart

Check out this editorial by Hering.  Then find the comment from SAHSgrad (it’s the second one down).  They shredded him – never mind that Hering undermines his own editorial halfway through:

No one’s been able to prove that the rising minimum wage contributes to unemployment.

Hering’s entire editorial, of course, is predicated on that very sentiment.  In fact, he asserts that something that no one has proven, if found false, will be a revelation for everybody.

Dude needs to get out of his bubble more often.  Seriously.  Looooots of people don’t believe that.  I have to say, for an editor of a newspaper – an experienced editor, no less – to have such a narrow and myopic view of the world is kind of disappointing.

Alternatively, Hering comes across as desperately clinging to his belief about the necessity of low minimum wage (historical evidence to the contrary notwithstanding) even as he is beginning to realize that he may, in fact, be wrong.  And while I love dawning comprehension, it’s not as exciting when it comes from someone in a position of such privilege who is clearly grumpy about reality intruding on his beliefs.

Bottom line:  The DH should start farming out editorials to SAHSgrad, or, frankly, a monkey with a typewriter.  They would produce something that is accurate at least 50% of the time, unlike the current editor.

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2 Comments on “[Hering] Taken Apart”

  1. Joe the fact checker Says:


    Please, please stop referring to what Hering does as ‘editorial writing.’ It is opinion, but not much more. By giving him the credit as an ‘editorial writer’ you cheapen the whole genre.


  2. Dennis Says:

    Fair point, Joe.

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