Someone forgot their thinking cap today

It’s like Hering just recycles grafs cut from other pieces to fill space:

A few weeks ago, one of the Albany banks briefly posted a sign at the door: “Please remove your caps and hats.” Or words to that effect. The reason was security, and it made sense. Time was when men took off their hats indoors as a matter of course. Good manners, not security, was the reason then.

Why was this in a newspaper?  What’s the point?  In what way is this interesting, or relevant?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Anyone?

The very next paragraph:

Childhood obesity? Not likely among boys and girls who are allowed to play outdoors and have plenty of space to do so, and who have other kids nearby. Something to keep in mind for parents contemplating a move.

Only the addition of the last sentence adds any value to this – but I see the trend, now:  Hering’s back to complaining that things aren’t like a mythical 1950s.  I don’t know any other way to say this, but solution-free complaining should be the domain of lowly bloggers, not fancy newspaper editors.  They should use all that experience to think of something useful and productive to say.

The last paragraph from the editorial is probably the worst, though:

In Oregon, the debate about liquid natural gas and a gas pipeline drones on, unburdened by common sense. Now the argument is that the proposed Palomar pipeline would disrupt nature in the Mt. Hood National Forest. For many years a dual pipeline for natural gas, and a liquid fuel pipeline, ran right down the Willamette Valley. Some disruption! Nobody can tell where they are. (hh)

Please note that a) the Mt. Hood National Forest and the Willamette Valley are not the same, meaning the point Hering is attempting to make here is completely useless; and b)  “Nobody can tell where they are” does not mean they didn’t – or don’t – disrupt animals.  It just means Hering has never been bothered by them.

If I were more snarky, I’d suggest that it’s no wonder newspaper sales are suffering, given that this is the kind of drivel some of them see fit to print.  The D-H would be better off printing the G-T’s Twitter feed (which I suspect really just means Matt Neznanski).  Seriously.

…Oh, and don’t even get me started on the other editorial, the one on climate change and Philip Mote’s appointment.  It’s kind of a flaming pile of ignorance and privilege.

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One Comment on “Someone forgot their thinking cap today”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Did the bank just post that or did he just notice it? I have seen signs like that in many businesses for YEARS.

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