I’ve been hearing a lot about Roland Burris’ appointment to Obama’s Senate seat.  Most has been chaff.  This, on the other hand, seems like something people should know:

On December 4, 1992, the Illinois Supreme Court upheld the conviction and death sentence for Rolando Cruz. Justice Heiple, writing for the majority, found errors in the trial but dismissed them as harmless in light of the “overwhelming” physical evidence. This decision sparked an understandable public outcry, since even prosecutors had to admit that no physical evidence existed linking Cruz to the crime, much less “overwhelming” physical evidence. In addition, Assistant Attorney General Mary Brigid Kenney, whom was assigned to fight Cruz’s appeal, sent a memo to Illinois Attorney General Roland Burris identifying numerous errors in the investigation and trial in Cruz’s initial conviction.[1] Burris ignored Kenney’s warnings, and she resigned in protest.

During his third trial, a sheriff’s lieutenant reversed his testimony, DNA tests showed that neither Cruz nor his co-defendant, Alejandro Hernandez were the contributors of the semen found at the crime scene.[2] On November 3, 1995, a DuPage County judge acquitted Cruz on the basis of recanted testimony, the DNA evidence, and the lack of any substantiated evidence against Cruz. He was fully pardoned by Governor George Ryan in 2002.[3]

ht/ Obsidian Wings

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  1. Blago. Says:

    “Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?”

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