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NOT ALL BAD — Everybody in the media is complaining about 2008. This proves, among other things, that 2008 wasn’t particularly bad. The economy soured, sure, as it does every 10 or 20 years. But for lots of Americans, it was still a pretty good year. They might have taken a nice vacation. Or they enjoyed visiting with a grandchild. They might have fixed up the house. Or they didn’t get sick. So, quit listening to the complainers.

I’m confused.  Did Hering just tell me to stop reading his editorials?

Isn’t this cruel and unusual (and stupid) punishment?

Cooling might have helped

The eight teenage girls that attempted an escape from Oak Creek youth correctional facility should have been locked out in the central recreation yard to cool off for at least 24 hours.

Joy Alton, Sweet Home

Were I locked in such a facility – well, let’s just say I understand why they would want to escape.

Dude, PALESTINIANS DON’T HAVE A COUNTRY.  That’s sort of part of the problem:

We don’t expect Mexicans to change their country. We do expect Palestinians to change theirs. And Americans don’t understand why so many in the world hate us with a vengeance.

Roger Hawthorne, Albany

I mean, I think I agree with your letter, but it was so obtuse I’m not exactly sure what you intended to say….

Given last night’s board meeting, there are a few stories on the LCSD.  From one dealing with math:

Other parents said they favor dropping Lebanon’s 27-credit graduation requirement to the state’s minimum, 24, to make it easier to graduate. Board members agreed to set a future work session to discuss that question.

Oh, hell no.  Let’s hope this one goes nowhere.  I can understand changing the requirements in a difficulty-neutral way, but simply dropping the credit requirement is a very bad idea.

The Board is also seeking public comment on the desired qualifications for the new Superintendent:

The Oregon School Boards Association is conducting the search. Board members plan a special meeting at 6 p.m. Jan. 12 to adopt the final list of qualities and qualifications, which then will be used in advertisements and to shape interview questions.

People are invited to submit comments online at, or send written comments to the district office at 485 S. Fifth St. Comments are due by noon Friday.

I would hope any readers from Lebanon would follow the link and participate.

And finally, the classified staff in the LCSD have been bargaining since February and they don’t seem terribly close to an agreement:

Board member Debi Shimmin told the employees she understands the situation but the state’s economic situation has to be taken into account.

All in all, a pretty typical day for the D-H:  Banal editorial, crazy letter-writers lacking logic (and basic facts), and some quality work from Jennifer Moody.

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2 Comments on “Browsing the DH”

  1. IE Says:

    I agree — lowering the graduation requirements for LHS is driving the wrong way down a one-way street: Our students deserve higher, not lower, expectations.

  2. "anonymous" Says:

    “Did Hering just tell me to stop reading his editorials?”

    Don’t we wish.

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