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As of the new year, we can get rid of e-waste free of extra charges if we take it to various places. We’ve been able to do that all along by putting it out with the trash or, if it was too big, taking it to the dump as part of the annual clean-out-the-garage day. Progress!

Given that the above paragraph is the entirety of the space Hering devotes to the subject, one of two things seems to have just appeared on the editorial page of the DH:

1)  The editor is unaware that many electronics contain toxic chemicals and therefore require special care to be disposed of properly.

2)  He knows, but does not care, and instead just advocated dumping stuff that contains toxic chemicals.

Hering did the public a disservice on this one, to put it mildly.  An editorial that either doesn’t understand a basic fact about electronics or doesn’t seem to care is pretty crappy.

As a side note, whoever SAHS grad is, they deserve a big thanks.  They often leave comments on Hering’s attempts at editorials, more often than not taking them apart in more eloquent ways than I have time for.  I can only hope the publisher is reading the comments and realizes how terrible Hering’s editorial work is.

UPDATE:  Compare Hering’s effort to the GT’s on the same topic:

• ROSES to the state Department of Environmental Quality for working out a program to allow Oregonians to recycle, at no cost to them, old computers and television sets. Customers of the program will be able to go to a collection center and drop off their leftovers — up to seven — at no charge. The cost will be covered by producers who must pay the state a fee based on their Oregon market share or operate their own recycling program. The state estimates that more than 12 million pounds of electronic waste will be recycled over the next year. A number of sites in and around Corvallis are serving as collection centers; for their locations and more details about the program, see the Web site www.oregonecycles.com or call 888-532-9253.

Night and day – a far better explanation of the program and even some contact info for people who want to know more.  Compare that to an ignorant-sounding complaint from Hering, and, well, I see no reason to stop wondering why Lee lets Hering continue to put such terrible work on the editorial page.

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