When the police state comes – oh, it’s already here. And we are asking for more…

From Don’t Tase Me, Bro!

Citizen surveillance system, costing $2 million and composed of 13 closed-circuit cameras turns citizenry in to “virtual deputies” surveiling the border for signs of suspicious activity and illegality.  21 thousand virtual deputies from all across the USA have already volunteered, sending over 1000 reports of suspicious activity on the border. The result: one pot smuggling bust. BlueServo, a social networking site that is hosting the video feeds, sees opportunity to roll-out this participatory panopticon nationally.

When I learned about the panopticon it was a bad thing.  Other things that pop into my head when I read things like this:  Mass hysteria & collective delusion.

Where’s my TAZ, dammit?  I’m tired.

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