And what about all those overhead shots where you see just the robber’s nose and chin? Why not install web cams right on the counter next to each teller’s window for a well-lit closeup of everybody who steps up to cash a check — or to rob the place.

Customers would not mind. In fact it would be kind of fun for most people to see their faces on an overhead monitor when, having cashed a check, they count their bills. (hh)

Does anyone read what he writes before it gets published?

Of more substance – but still wrong – is this:

They would get caught more quickly if the surveillance cameras in banks were up to modern standards. As it is, the pictures they get are usually kind of fuzzy and badly lighted. It’s hard to make out the faces.

The technology of video seems to have advanced a great deal since most banks installed theirs. Now they even make video cameras for toddlers and sell them for Christmas.

What is the connection between there being a camera cheap enough to buy a toddler and there being a better-quality camera in a bank?  None, but that doesn’t stop Hering.

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2 Comments on “What?”

  1. Lebanontruth Says:

    “fuzzy and badly lighted.”

    What happened to lit?

  2. Dennis Says:

    Good question.

    Sometimes I do actually wonder who, if anyone, gets to look at his editorials before they go to print. Other times it’s hyperbole =)

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