Will Roche on US Soccer

It’s just a great graf in a good decent piece:

It’s an interesting contrast, the black and white pentagons of the ball reflecting the greater good and evil that is as much the game as it is our shame. That’s why it wouldn’t be a good thing if the U.S. were to balloon into a soccer superpower. The money and publicity and pure kitsch filth would remove the water from the fishbowl, a dry-sticky guppy left behind. “But Will, didn’t you want the U.S. to get better,” you say. “Yes,” I’d reply, “I do still want our team to get better, but we can’t do to soccer what we did to Movies and Books and Iraq and the Native Americans (etc).” Not that soccer would be destroyed, and it can’t be much more Nike-ized than it already is; but it would be like having too many obese cooks in the kitchen.

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2 Comments on “Will Roche on US Soccer”

  1. Tim Says:

    Oops I read Roche’s article. Not sure it’s even decent.

  2. Dennis Says:

    Yeah, I am starting to agree with that. But I still like the sentiment in the paragraph I excerpted.

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