Things I Learned About in San Francisco, part one (there may not be a part two)

A little late, but still worth posting, I think.


This is like kickball, with a few key exceptions.  The basics:

1.  There is a keg instead of a base at second base.  Runners wishing to pass second base shall consume a tasty beverage before proceeding, the amount of which shall be determined before the game starts.

2.  All fielders must have a cup of beer in one hand at all times.  Failure to maintain while attempting to field is a no-no.  Guess what the penalty involves?

3.  Disputes shall be settled by chug-offs.

There are many more rules, I am sure, and plenty of variation.  Search for the term and you’ll find them.  However, I think I’ve captured the basics.

Oddly, there is no Wikipedia page for Sloshball.




*cough* AGEL *cough*

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