[Hering] Please. Make. It. Stop.


Governor Kulongoski in Oregon and President-elect Obama on the national level want to jack up the economy with many billions of dollars worth of public works projects. Can this really work?


At this juncture I am again forced to ask the question:  Is Hering really this ignorant, or is he intentionally misleading his readers by omitting basic facts?

For example, aside from the New Deal, the Work Projects Administration, the Civilian Conservation Corps and basic economic theory – the idea of the employer of last resort – I can’t think of a single example of when this has worked in the past.

Hering also tries to make a point about the timeline of public works projects:

Typically in Oregon, getting such projects going takes a long time. Years are spent on the design, or corridor options for roads, acquisition of right of way, wetlands evaluations and mitigation and so on.

From a Forbes article on this very topic:

Potiowsky said the surest bet is a mix of long-range work with projects that could begin immediately. “There are also capital work projects which are maintenance, and those can be done rather quickly,” he said.

House Democrats targeted those sort of public works, saying their first step would be to fast-track the start dates on projects already planned and financed.

I cannot express how frustrating it is to have a local newspaper editor – a newspaper editor! – who can’t be bothered to spend thirty seconds researching his chosen editorial topic (which is about how long it took me to find a news article that rebuts Hering).  It’s an insult to the profession and an insult to the readers of the paper, and Lee Enterprises and the Albany Democrat-Herald can and should do better.

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2 Comments on “[Hering] Please. Make. It. Stop.”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Dude, I really think you are mental. And I am not kidding. You need to move on or start the medicines again. Good grief you need to get over Hasso. Holy shit.

  2. Joe the not so manipulated Says:


    Hasso Hering is basically of the Bill O’Reilly school of pounding the drum of ignorance and fear to excite the unintellectual, unthinking, conservative masses and irritate the thinking liberals… He is much like George Will, however Will at least reads and does some research, and has a brain no matter how much effort he puts into his tortured logic to reach a preordained conclusion…

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