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There’s nothing surprising about this – the reason endangered politicians of both parties start airing populist progressive themes around election time is because they know those themes are popular among rank-and-file voters – they know, in other words, that this is a decidedly center-left country, and when they have to answer to that country come election day, they go left. But once these politicians get into office and are far away from all of us, the unwashed masses, the pressures of money and media – ie. the Establishment – unleashes incredible pressure for them to actually write the details of policy in a way that preserves the conservative status quo.

This is, of course, an almost completely bipartisan issue, in the worst possible way.

I think this Presidency will be a little different than when Clinton pulled this.  The internet was not near as developed then.  Obama, if he so decides, won’t be able to sell center-right policies as center-left and get away with it.  It’s not that there are more people paying attention than in the past so much as it is the greatly increased ability of those paying attention to talk directly with others without being mediated by the national media.

Paired with the fact that Obama’s cabinet isn’t really very liberal at all, and it sure looks like… well, let’s not go there.  Yet.

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