I wonder if he’s heard the Grey Album?

Ezra Klein on the 60 Minutes interview the Obamas gave:

There’s probably a lot to say about the 60 Minutes interview with Obama, but I’m pretty hung up on his decision to bring up Harold’s Chicken Shack. So add this to his Mac-using, his comic book reading, his pick-up basketball skills, his Jay-Z references. Obama is by far the most culturally awesome president this country has witnessed. That doesn’t mean his presidency won’t be a catastrophic failure. But, if anything, the press has been much too restrained in their commentary on Obama’s virtues. Forget beers: This is a president I could play Halo 3 with.

The latent gamer in me appreciate the joke.  The wannabe intellectual in me really appreciates (which, if you think about it, is incredibly disturbing) the fact that despite all the structural barriers in the way, there will be someone sitting on the Oval Office who at least understands pop culture.

Kind of sad, isn’t it?

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2 Comments on “I wonder if he’s heard the Grey Album?”

  1. cody Says:

    as per your most recent post about 0 progressives being named to Obama’s cabinet, despite the pop culture savvy, I still feel that “change” is, and was from the beginning, a lie. Opportunity missed: Obama could have named Van Jones (from whom green collar jobs is stolen) to be Secretary of the Interior, and he would have gotten the same media treatment as Bill Richardson, as you so aptly pointed out about H.Clinton.

  2. Dennis Says:

    Would Van Jones have accepted?

    I have to wonder how many really progressive activist types would – and here I am thinking Lawrence Lessig or hell, maybe Richard Stallman – actually accept a position in the US government.

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