The Senate, Special Lieberman Edition

Given all the talk about keeping Lieberman in the Dem caucus and/or stripping him of his committee positions, here is a summary of why he should be kicked out:

Because he endorsed the Republican presidential nominee, spoke at the Republican national convention, defended down-ticket Republicans, and spent several months engaged in a smear campaign against the Democratic Party and its presidential nominee.

The smear campaign included questioning Obama’s patriotism and whether or not he might be a Marxist (as if that were such a bad thing!).

The argument basically says, look, you can’t let this kind of thing go relatively unpunished.  Of course, if Lieberman is a potential vote #60, then the situation becomes more complicated.

Of course, the fact that Lieberman isn’t even a Democrat – he ran as an independent when he lost the Dem primary in 2006 – should also be taken into account.  I say dump him.

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2 Comments on “The Senate, Special Lieberman Edition”

  1. Jen Says:

    I was disappointed to see that Lieberman would be staying on board… my thoughts are that he’s shown a lack of support of Dems winning seats and the white house, why should he be in a position of power, where he could continue to undermine them. The 60 votes remains the same whether he’s chairman or not – he still left leaning on many issues, and if he were to suddenly vote with the republicans the majority of the time, connecticut voters will just kick him out in 2010. He’ll continue to vote the same way whether or not he keeps his chairmanship, or he’ll lose every shred of dignity he has left (not much in my eyes).

  2. Dennis Says:

    I agree. It also sets a precedent.

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