[Hering] Does he not read his own editorials?

No, that’s not a rhetorical question.  This is just getting stupid:

While the election result made the majority of American voters jubilant and hopeful, it left many on the losing side with a deflated feeling and a sense of foreboding.

Whether either jubilation or apprehension are justified, only time can tell. At this point, sensible people will sit back, relax, take a deep breath and see what happens.

If the pessimists are right, they will have plenty of time to complain. In fact they would face a long winter — and not just literally — of discontent and pain.

But perhaps they are wrong in their pessimism. Perhaps providence will smile equally on the incoming administration, the country and everybody in it.

If that’s the way it turns out, any recriminations now will, later on, seem not just churlish but spectacularly uninformed.

What?  You mean giving Obama a chance ike this?

Maybe his approach has the effect he wants among his supporters. For others, the prospect of a filibuster-proof majority voting for “everything Democrats believe in and fight for” — and enacting it for “decades to come” — might give considerable pause.

Or this?

The markets may expect an Obama administration and heavily Democratic Congress to take steps such as doubling the federal minimum wage and indexing it to inflation; raising taxes on worldwide profits of multinationals, driving them offshore if they aren’t already gone; making court appointments and law changes to make it easier to sue industry for damages; curtailing drug prices; nationalizing health care and requiring that more conditions be covered by mandatory insurance; appointing Al Gore as energy czar and slapping windfall taxes on the oil industry.


The markets try to predict what will happen in politics and the economy. If they are right, watch out. (hh)

What about this?

So much for President-elect Obama’s words on election night, when he spoke against “the temptation to fall back on the same partisanship and pettiness and immaturity that has poisoned our politics for so long.”

Yes – Hering attacked Obama for appointing someone with a party history to an internal White House position.  Apparently Dems are supposed to appoint moderates, but Republicans can appoint people like Karl Rove, and it’s just fine.

Then there was this.

Calls for unity and hope were echoing all over the country last week. Americans were eager to put political squabbling behind them — at least the kind of squabbling that never solves anything.

We all would welcome a calmer period in which everybody comes together and rejoices in the fact that America has demonstrated big progress in tearing down racial barriers by electing this president. But we are expecting miracles if we think that the issues will just dissolve in a stew of good feeling and hope. (hh)

Like I said, stupid – all of those editorials are from the first ten days of November alone, and all spend some time fear-mongering about how horrible an Obama Presidency could be for the country…. and how Hering calls for people to not make wild accusations for fear they’ll not turn out true and make the accuser look bad?

Dude should look in the damned mirror.  Seriously.

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One Comment on “[Hering] Does he not read his own editorials?”

  1. nonsubscriber Says:

    Hasso is an embarrassment to the Democratic Herald and to profession of journalism. That old dinosaur needs to be put out the door.

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