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Energy policy is a good example. President-elect Obama is committed to getting rid of coal-fired power plants because they put out carbon dioxide and this has been blamed for climate change. Coal is plentiful and cheap. Everything else costs more. So, how about unity when under federal mandates your utility sends you a monthly heat bill for $500?

Democrats in general are committed to taking out the four hydroelectric dams on the lower Snake River on the grounds that they kill salmon. With that power gone, what about unity and hope when there’s a cold snap or a heat spell and the heaters or air conditioners no longer come on?

This is really kind of pathetic on Hering’s part – he clearly pulls the $500 figure from the air (or somewhere else), just like he elides any difference between Obama and Democrats in general on the dam issue.

Never mind the fact that the entire editorial is premised on getting rid of the hope surrounding an Obama presidency, and spinning clearly ludicrous scenarios out of thin air to try and make his point.  In other words, he’s fear-mongering.

Luckily, commenter SAHSgrad does the work of taking this shoddy editorial to task:

Perhaps if the editor were willing to work with others and think more creatively, he might begin to realize that our problems are not all zero-sum games. By working together, we can accomplish more. It’s time to stop spending all our effort trying to keep somebody else from getting ahead!

So Hasso, the point is that:
Nobody should expect a miracle. Everybody should expect to work hard, and invest themselves in working through the problems to be part of the solution. What a novel idea. Perhaps you could try, instead of trying to tear down things apart before they even get started!

I just…. nah, Hering’d never go for that.  Cooperation?  Sacrifice?  Those are for suckers.

Apparently, so is anything resembling research.  I know it’s hard, and that it takes time, etc. etc.  But would it kill Hering to do some?

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2 Comments on “[Hering] Tooling about”

  1. Joe the sarcastic Says:


  2. Roxy Says:

    From today’s paper: “Hold the sniping”

    … People who did not support Obama may want to take guidance from the cordial way in which the Obamas were received at the White House Monday by President and Mrs. Bush.

    Maybe he heard your call for unity?

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