Bottled Willamette River Water?

I don’t like this idea.

Coca-Cola Bottling of Oregon plans a $35 million expansion of its suburban Wilsonville plant near Interstate 5 to include Dasani water, adding 17 jobs in Wilsonville and 45 in the surrounding area.

Bottled water is terrible for the environment, tap water is perfectly healthy, and I’m sure there are better uses for the water.

One the plus side, Oregon is adding the 5-cent deposit to water bottles.  Now if only they would increase the deposit to, say, a quarter….

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3 Comments on “Bottled Willamette River Water?”

  1. Roxy Says:

    The can man would rejoice if it was raised to a quarter. 😉

  2. Dennis Says:

    When the nickel deposit was enacted, it represented a relatively serious amount. Over time, it has not been adjusted to inflation. I think raising to a quarter – or even higher – is a really smart policy idea.

    Also, the comment about the can man is just rude.

  3. Bernstein Says:

    Hell, if they raise the the deposit to a quarter I’ll be the can man.

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