[LCSD] LE coverage of Fandiño’s proposed schedule change

From the LE:

Fandino said she consulted with some teachers and students in proposing reassignment of classes but no counselors.

“Counselors are not in the trenches,” she said.

After the meeting, Volz said she had asked Fandino to look at the master schedule but had not expected the information to go to the school board without further review.

“I felt really exposed tonight,” Volz said.

Um, what?  Way to throw counselors and Tami Volz under the bus there, KF.  I’m sure that will endear you to them for a good long time.

Like I said Monday, it’s not that I think that her proposed schedule change is necessarily bad; the problem is how she went about it.

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One Comment on “[LCSD] LE coverage of Fandiño’s proposed schedule change”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Am I missing something here? This sounds like she is doing the same kind of thing Alexander does that so many are saying is wrong. Is this the case? Why is it ok for her but not him? My students counselors have worked their rear ends off to try to figure out appropriate schdeules for them. I don’t see why they were excluded. They have expressed as much frustration (to me at conferences and during phone calls etc.)about the schedule as the teachers

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